Boris Valentin wanted a setup that he could rely on, no matter what situation he might end up in.

“When the waves get high and the storm is tearing in the rig, you need to know that you can trust your power system!”

Boris has built oilrigs for several years and knows what the ocean can “offer” when the storms come sweeping and thus what the gear used on the sea needs to withstand. He is an engineer and did solid research before choosing the power system he wanted to embark on Emma.

Emma and Boris sails long-distance! Really long! Emma is also Boris home and therefore Boris wants to have the best and most reliable power system he can find.
Boris spent a long time trying to figure out what he needed. Not only what his power requirements were, but also what interfaces he needed to get it all together, and he needed to get, eg. the tank level gauges, to send data around the system and to all the displays around Emma.

Boris chose Mastervolt and built the system around the Masterbus network. He did this because he knew Mastervolt’s qualities and because his research showed that Mastervolt could meet his functional requirements and the high quality.

Boris chose to design the system so all power consumption comes from the batteries and thus did not allow 230 volts from the shore connection flow to access his 230-volt installations on board.

All 230 volts board comes via Emma’s Mastervolt inverter and thus from the batteries. Since Emma has a steel hull, Boris is very aware of galvanic corrosion and chose, therefore, this “clean” installation.

We have been allowed to show Emma’s electrical design and found that Boris has done a great job, both in the design and physical installation.
Here at Energig we are looking forward to seeing a great installation and are happy to support Boris and Emma in the years to come.


Emma is a 40 foot Colin Archer, sturdily built in steel.

The electrical DC system looks like this:

System voltage: 24 Volt
inverter: Mastervolt Mass sine Ultra. 4000 watts
Battery charger: Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24 / 100-3 (100 Amp, 3 Outputs)
Solar Charge Controller: 2 pcs. Mastervolt SCM-60
Drag Propel Controller: Mastervolt SCM-60
Service Battery: Mastervolt AGM 900 Ah / 24 volts
Main Motor Battery: Mastervolt AGM 100 Ah / 24 volts
Generator battery: Mastervolt AGM 100 Ah / 12 volts
Generator on Main Engine: Mastervolt Alpha 24/150 MB + Mastervolt Alpha Pro Controller.
Shunts: 3 pieces. Mastervolt MasterShunt 500A
Distribution: 4 pcs. Mastervolt DC distribution 500
Distribution: 3 pieces. Mastervolt Digital DC 10 x 10A
DC-DC converter: Mastervolt Magic 24 / 12-20

Tank level gauges: 4 pcs. Mastervolt Tank level interface.
NMEA2000 Interface: Mastervolt master bid for NMEA2000 interface
PC connection: Mastervolt USB interface
Display: Mastervolt Easyview 5 + Controller