The batteries from Mastervolt are used almost anywhere today, where you are depended on off-grid energy solutions. The company is part of the NAVICO Group that is renowned for producing goods that are so resilient and robust, that they can be used in almost any weather and condition.

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There is no way around that Mastervolt in most cases are more expensive than other brands on the market. The price you pay is however money well spent in the long run. The longevity of the batteries is incredible, and when you compare the output that you get, there is no doubt about what is the smart choice.

A battery is no longer just a battery though. With the introduction of Lihium/Ion batteries there are very good reasons to keep an eye on what the most efficient and cost-effective solution is. You can read more about the difference in types of batteries here or you can contact us to guide you to make the right choice.

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This is why we recommend Mastervolt

So why are the batteries from Mastervolt so good? In the Lithium battery from Mastervolt it is easy to see, why these batteries are so superior compared to others on the market. The way that the batteries are made makes all the difference. The structure of the lithium blocks being used are uniquely designed to improve almost every aspect of a battery’s key traits such as longevity (three times as long as AGM/GEL), size and weight, fast charging, and a very impressive 1800 amps peak on the biggest batteries.

The Battery Management System (BMS) is best in the business and ensures that you to get all the information that you need while making sure to get the most out of every block in the battery. Here at Energig we offer six different sizes of the Mastervolt battery. These are used both in the maritime business and the automative industry.

Mastervolt – More than just batteries

With some of the best batteries in the business, Mastervolt has also made sure that they can be utilized the best way possible. In their portfolio we also find DC-DC converters, chargers, inverters, and a combination of chargers and inverters which are perfect to use in almost any situation whether it’s in your camper, yacht, holiday home or backup system.

At Energig we recommend you to consider an integrated solution when you are buying Lithium batteries from Mastervolt. The sensitivity of the batteries is what makes them perform so excellently but also something that demands extra attention when charging to not destroy the blocks within the battery. This is why buying an integrated solution from Mastervolt with battery and charger is highly recommended to be sure to get the best out of the product. The upside is the incredible short time that it takes for a battery to be charged compared with a Lead/Acid battery.
In short Mastervolt delivers ultra reliable battery-systems that lasts for a very long time in harsh conditions. That is why the organization behind one of the biggest sailing competitions in the world, Volvo Ocean Race, chose Mastervolt as the official electrical supplier because of the integrated advanced systems that could handle the abusive conditions of the seas.

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Do you need
reliable power?

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