MiaSolé is one of the brands that utilize the technology that is especially well suited for off-grid solutions. Whether it’s your car, boat, or any other moving device, MiaSolé is the obvious choice.


On most roofs today you can see crystalline technology being used. But if your surface is on a moving device, it is a much sounder option to go for CIGS. Here is why:

The flexible technology that MiaSolé uses is solid, robust, and very easy to mount. At the same time, the yearly yield is 10-20% higher compared to standard crystalline. You also get a product that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of nature. On MiaSolé’s solar cells, you can actually walk across them without damaging the solar cells making the product ideal to use out in the open, where the solar cells are not in a protective environment.

There are almost only technical advantages to using MiaSolé compared to crystalline solar cells. The weight, durability, and flexibility are some of the highlighted traits that the CIGS solar cell technology offers.

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Old habits die hard but MiaSolé is here to stay

So why is crystalline technology still so popular to use? Here at Energig, we believe it is a matter of habits and perhaps a reluctance to try out new products on the market. MiaSolé has been around for many years (founded in 2001 in California), and has perfected their solar cell technology and it’s specifically good for usage on moving devices.

There are almost no limitations on how to use MiaSolé’s solar cells. The flexibility makes it possible to integrate the solar cells into surfaces or to curve it alongside structures, which is vastly different from what the semi-flexible crystalline technology can offer.

The solar cells from MiaSolé are very easy to install. The peel-and-stick application makes it so much easier to fit on your boat, truck, or any other moving device, where the much heavier traditional solar panel systems are not ideal to use. The way the CIGS solar cells are made also makes them resistant to debris.

You can read more about the difference between the CIGS solar cells and the crystalline solar cells here. (link til https://energig.com/guides/why-are-cigs-solar-cells-better-than-crystalline/)

In these modern days there are also good reasons behind buying CIGS solar cells with their significantly lower carbon footprint in the production phase alongside the already mentioned durability, which makes the longevity of the cells longer.

You can get MiaSolé in all sizes and colors

Here at Energig we always have two different sizes in stock.

35 cm (wide) x 173 cm (length) 80 watt

35 cm (wide) x 260 cm (length) 125 watt

If you contact us, we can get you MiaSolé’s CIGS solar cells in almost any size. Currently you can get solar cells up to five meters in length and 150 cm wide.

MiaSolé’ 2022 Catalog

MiaSolé solar cells produce the world’s most lightweight UL certified solar module package.

Do you need reliable power?

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Do you need
reliable power?

– Contact Energig for a tailored solution