Biological Institute at the University of Southern Denmark has established underwater cameras that transmit live video from the sunken wreck of the Ferry M/F Ærøsund.

In order to power cameras, transmitters and lighting, a floating platform have been established above the wreck. The platform supplies all power consumers with Off Grid power.

The platform is built by SDU and equipped with a Rutland 1200 Windmill and 380 watts of PV (2 X 190 watts). 4 x 100 Ah GEL batteries are installed in waterproof boxes. The wind turbine and the PV have each received a regulator and are connected in parallel to the battery. In this way, the Windturbine can be taken out of service without affecting the production of PV. Likewise, you can turn off the PV without stopping the Wind turbine.

It is Frank Mortensen from the Biological Institute in Odense who has been responsible for installing the equipment on the platform and although it should be expected that there are errors and that corrections are needed in special solutions like this, the Windturbine and the PV have delivered as promised from Day 1 and still does.

The platform was launched in September 2016, and Frank visits it once in a while, to check that everything is as it should be, but has also installed a camera that transmits live from the platform. That way he can be located in Odense and see if everything looks as it should on site. You can watch the camera and the entire project at the Biological Institute’s live broadcasts. On camera 3 you can see if there is activity on the wind turbine and see how Frank has built the platform.
At Energig we are proud of the trust SDU and Frank have shown us by utilizing us as a partner for power calculations, solution provider and we are pleased for the good cooperation that has resulted in the promised result.

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