PV on Trucks

Energig has created a concept for hauliers who want to save fuel and protect the environment.


PV on trucks


Today, more and more trucks are running with PV on the cabin/toolbox. They’ve been driving for a couple of years now. The hauliers are so happy with the solution that it is now envisaged that PV will have to be installed on their new trucks and perhaps also retrofitted to the old ones. But not all trucks! Trucks that run internally in the city and return home every day, is usually not a good idea to mount PV panels on. But trucks that run out for several days and experience to stay out for 1-2-3++ days, while waiting for return cargo, a spare part or something else, there is a good idea in PV.

During the time the truck is stationary in e.g. Germany or Spain, the driver consumes power for the coffee machine, air cooler, TV, etc. The power comes from the truck’s 24 Volt batteries and the truck must idle for a few hours every day to top up the batteries. It is expensive! The truck’s engine uses a lot of fuel just to idle. The proportion of fuel going to drive the generator is minimal and thus there is a huge energy loss. That is the energy loss we can avoid.


It works by installing 100-250 Watt PV on the roof of the cabin and/or possibly the toolbox.


When you consider mount PV on the truck, there are some things you need to be aware of:

  1. It must be PV that can handle the life on the roof of the truck and thus exclude the otherwise cheapest framed glass panels. They will not survive driving through the truck wash. It is possible that they last for a while, but they are too fragile.Therefore, the more robust thin flexible PV types must be used. They may even be walked on wearing rubber shoes and the truck wash is no problem for them.
    The best to use is the CIGS PV panels.With the SunWare PV panels it is possible to get the cable connection backwards and thus it becomes both more beautiful (although no one can see them ….: o)) and there is also better protection in the truck wash. It’s not a big issue, but… 😊
  2. PV that are recessed or hidden behind eg. Behind A air cooler loses most of its effect. PV does not like shade! If 10% of a solar panel is shaded, most of the panel turn off simultaneously. So you have to raise your PV panels over the shadows and this can mean that you have to make a mounting box or something else when mounting. Of course, it depends on which puller you have.
    But again CIGS is better to resist the shades
  3. It must be a solid mounting, but you can let your own mechanics do it, it is not electrical difficult, but important to do it correctly! They have all knowledge about the mechanical stuff alreadyBut you can also get in touch with our business partners (call for recommendation) who have people who have done it before and it may be that you ask your dealer to mount the PV on your new Trucks before picking them up. If your truck dealer puts up a funny face, ask him to call Energig right away :o)
  4. If you have an Aircooler or other hungry devices in the truck or maybe there is no room for so many PV panels on top of the Truck, then extra batteries are needed which are connected in parallel with the existing batteries or possibly and better divided into two battery banks. One for the engine and one for consumption.

But not everyone drives south, where the sun is shining, Some must drive north or east, where the sun does not shine so much. Then what do you do?

Well, you can get a small wind turbine that you can set up when you are at hold (No !!! Not while driving! :o) ). The wind turbine can do the same with the wind, as the PV can with the sun and you can get a system that can handle both wind turbine and PV in the same setup, simultaneously. The combi solution will give you the highest level of security to always have enough power wherever you go.

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