Customers own experiences

Energig collects satisfied customers and we would like to show off some of our customers’ experience with our solutions.

But we would like to show reality and not a marketing poem that has been journalistically edited so no one recognize them. That’s not the way we want it.
Therefore, we have written about the solutions we have made, what they used for, and sometimes, the customer has commented with his own words.

The solutions that we have made over time are many and diverse. Here you will find a small selection of different solutions.
Most of the stories have mentioned the customer and an employee or two. But not all of our customers want to stand up, but nevertheless  allows us to use their solution for reference. This is most often a result of our solutions being used as an element in the industry and that the customer does not want his complete solution exposed. Of course, we fully respect this.

You can find the individual stories in the menu on the left.

Enjoy :o)

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