There are plenty of different options on the market today, but few of them deliver the same output as the Lithium based batteries from RELiON.

The US-based company strives to be the most sought-after Lithium battery company in the world, and here at Energig we can see why. The American company has taken big steps in providing batteries for off- and on-grid solutions.

Their latest innovative low-temperature LiFePO4 battery is a prime example of exactly that.

RELION batterier

Lithium batteries are the bread and butter of RELiON. The company has specialized in producing batteries based on Lithium iron phosphate which gives RELiON the edge on many of its competitors, who are producing all sorts of batteries.

RELiON is the sister brand of the worldwide known brand Mastervolt. Both part of the NAVICO Group, where quality and performance are some of the keystones in the portfolio of leading brands, that they own.

While Mastervolt delivers some of the biggest batteries on the market, RELiON is a very good alternative in many cases, where the requirements are on another scale.

To put it in perspective; Golf carts around the world are often relying on batteries from RELiON, while Mastervolt is used for bigger devices and more industrial installations.

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The benifits of Lithium batteries from RELiON

The Lithium-based batteries are in most case more expensive than a typical lead-acid battery. So why should you invest in Lithium batteries? The short answer is based on the much better cost over the life of the product. The longevity of Lithium batteries is unmatched, while other important factors such as charge efficiency, need of maintenance and temperature tolerance makes the batteries perfectly designed for off-grid solutions.

While Mastervolt are unique in how they build their batteries, RELiON has chosen to be more cost-effective in how they produce their Lithium batteries. This gives consumers two quality brands to choose from in two different price classes. RELiON’s batteries are built with high quality materials which separates them from other low-end solutions on the market.

RELiON’s batteries includes a state-of-the-art battery management system that protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature and short circuit conditions. The battery management system (BMS) is why RELiON is the go-to brand for many customers world-wide.

RELiON is perfect for off-grid solutions

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