We have made a standard solution for power in Commercial vehicles
Service Batteries and how to make them last and deliver for many years.

Service batteries are a quite complicated setup when they must last for many years and the user kept happy with the installation.
The user cannot be satisfied with a service battery that does not deliver when the user needs it.
It must work every single time, for many years.

And besides the fact that the battery must be the right size, there is many other things that also need to be correct dimensioned, but we have taken care of everything in our built solution so you know you are not doing anything wrong.

Always start your project with a coll to Energig. 🙂

Servicebatteri i Erhvervsbiler

We have made sure that:

  1. The battery is always maintained as optimally as possible. This is the key to any successful installation (3 step charging and enough of it)
  2. The battery is charged from the car’s generator, also from Euro 5 and 6 Smart Generators, which are otherwise difficult to handle.
  3. All parts used are made for the harsh environment on the road.
  4. All electronic devices, cables, fuses, etc. must be dimensioned for the battery, the environment and consumption.
  5. The PV is the CIGS type, which is the only type that can handle the road enviroment.
  6. 230 Volt output for the user’s tool must be of the highest quality so that the user’s tool is not damaged.
  7. The safety must be optimal, both in relation to the very high currents, ignition safe fuses, humidity and residual current protection of 120/230/400 Volt

The expansion possibilities can to a certain extent be expanded later.

Lithium batteries are an option that saves space and weight.
Lithium fills and weighs between 35% and 50% less than GEL (Lead) batteries at the same available capacity.
Lithium has lots of technical benefits as well.
Any technician would choose Lithium and in the long run, it’s not more expensive than GEL as the batteries last longer.

From small to big needs

Energig Servicebattery concept covers from the very small power needs of the electrician van and to the large needs of the TV stations large producer wagons with satellite transmission.
And what may be very special can be tailored.

The simplest starter module with an intelligent mobile charger that charges from the engine’s generator system (also Euro 5 and 6).
The charger detects when the engine is running (D+) and then charges the service battery with complete 3-step+ maintenance.
The fuse box is ignition safe and has min. 3 + 4 secured outputs.
The battery is a GEL (lead based) battery, or you can upgraded to Lithium.

Service battery Large
Service battery small e1638881576488

Many expansion options are installed here.
The options are conditionally selected from a matrix, so we are sure that you do not risk having enabled too much consumption for a too small battery and/or too small production.

Here’s how you do it.

Start by determining what the power need is:
1. Power consumption in WattTimer / day
2. Peak consumption in Watts
3. What voltages to use (12, 24, 48 VDC and 120, 230, 400 VAC).
4. Driving pattern (for calculating charging times)
We have a matrix you can get or we can look up and tell you what the correctly dimensioned setup contains.

That way, you have a simple tool to do it right the first time.