MasterVolt Mass Sine series

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MasterVolt Mass Sine series.

Mastervolt offers a wide range of sine inverters from 300 watt all up to 40 kwatt with the AC Master, the Mass Sine and the Mass Sine Ultra Series. The AC Master is ideal for small and medium-sized installations. Mass Sine and the more advanced Mass Sine Ultra inverters are mainly intended for larger system setups and professional purposes. Mastervolt have inverters for 230V/50Hz as well as 120V/60Hz.

No humming with HF technology.

MasterVolt use of HF switch technology says goodnight to humming transformers and good morning to efficiency. Mastervolt inverters are also physical smaller and more lightweight to ensure easy installation.

High peak supply during start up.

MasterVolt sine wave inverter can supply up to 200 % startup capacity to appliances that requires extra power during start up.

Efficient use of batteries.

The high efficiency when inverting power and the automatic economy mod, that kicks in when there is no consumption, gives you longer use of your batteries.

Simple and safe to install.

MasterVolt Mass Sine inverters feature solid connection technology, internal mount in the larger models and as a plug & play socket with pre fitted cable for the smaller models.

MasterBus compatible.

Every Mass Sine inverter can be connected to a MasterBus network with just one cable and just one connection. You can also choose a central, a local or a remote monitoring, configuration to control of your system. With Amperian it stretches over the internet.

MasterVolt quality

MasterVolt is world famous for its high quality and durability.
Whether it's how the chassis is made, the electronics are designed and mounted or the robust way all products can handle shaking, marine environments and temperature fluctuations. MasterVolt never let's you down!

MasterVolt's reputation and many years of experience makes it a well deserved place in the top of the power convert world that they occupy today.

As a preferred supplier to a range of the largest and most quality conscious companies worldwide, MasterVolt occupies a leading position that not many can challenge.


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MasterVolt Mass Sine 12 Volt models

MasterVolt Mass Sine 24 Volt models

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SKU: MasterVolt Mass Sine series Categories: , Tags: ,
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