MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster

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MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster.

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MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster

Efficient, Reliable and Safe Solar Charge Controllers

The Mastervolt Solar ChargeMaster maximise yield from the irregular supply of sunlight.
Robust power electronics align the energy from the solar to the charge status of the batteries.
Mastervolt’s solar charge regulators are made for all energy systems with system voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, and will charge all battery types, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries.
They ensure an optimal and efficient charge cycle and are highly reliable. The 3-step+ charging method guarantees an extra-long lifespan for your batteries.
A MasterBus connection is available for integration within the energy system.
There is also a USB connetion (Option) availible for connecting your PC to the MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster. This way you can survey production and Log files. The USB connection will also let you change the configuration of the MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster.

Versatile and flexible

Mastervolt solar charge regulators can be used flexibly to complement your energy system, or in places where no electricity is available (Off Grid), such as remote cottages or chalets. In addition, the solar charge regulators are a perfect mobile solution for campers, Trucks, special vehicles, yachts and traffic & information signs. They are also ideal for professional applications at remote petrol stations, telecom relay stations or offshore units.

MasterVolt quality

MasterVolt is world famous for its high quality and durability.
Whether it's how the chassis is made, the electronics are designed and mounted or the robust way all products can handle shaking, marine environments and temperature fluctuations. MasterVolt never let's you down!

MasterVolt's reputation and many years of experience makes it a well deserved place in the top of the power convert world that they occupy today.

As a preferred supplier to a range of the largest and most quality conscious companies worldwide, MasterVolt occupies a leading position that not many can challenge.


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