MasterVolt Waterproof switches. installation frame

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MasterVolt Waterproof switches. Installation frames

Mastervolt waterproof switch inserts into a weather-resistant installation sheath. Mount in a existing dashboard using sealant or glue or the accompanying ready-made installation frame.

Using such an installation frame provides a quick installation and a good looking appearance, for example on the outside the helmsman’s station. Use a electrical connection block (VCH) for insulating and securing the electrical connections. Parts of frames with individual end segments are available. If you wish to leave room for a future expansion, use the blank auxiliary hole plug for places in which you have not (yet) placed any switches.

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  • With MasterBus you will have the complete overview over your power system.
  • Via MasterBus in your Yacht, RV, Truck or any Off Grid installation, you can control and Monitior your entire system.
  • And with Amperian, everything can be done over the internet.
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Everything's covered

MasterVolt will provide you with all you the Power you need for any size project from 300 to 40.000 watts. [/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="Tailor made"]

Tailor made solutions

Energig will tailor your setup for your project, so it fit's your needs spot on.
  • Let's have a chat, whether you needs are big or small, for Yachts, RV, Cabins, Trucks or any other Off Grid solution.
  • Energig delivers for everything small to big industrial projects.

MasterVolt quality

MasterVolt is world famous for its high quality and durability.
Whether it's how the chassis is made, the electronics are designed and mounted or the robust way all products can handle shaking, marine environments and temperature fluctuations. MasterVolt never let's you down!

MasterVolt's reputation and many years of experience makes it a well deserved place in the top of the power convert world that they occupy today.

As a preferred supplier to a range of the largest and most quality conscious companies worldwide, MasterVolt occupies a leading position that not many can challenge.

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SKU: MasterVolt Waterproof switches. installation frame Categories: , Tags: , , ,
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