BEP Remotely Activated Emergency Parallel Switch 12/24V 275A


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BEP Remotely Activated Emergency Parallel Switch 12/24V 275A

These Motorized Switches offer remotely activated, high current, emergency parallel connection suitable for emergency starting of engines (up to 1250 Amps for 10 seconds). The emergency parallel functionality is conveniently operated via a momentary button on the dash, which when activated, will parallel the batteries for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, the switch turns off, removing the risk of start batteries becoming flattened following a parallel switch being inadvertently left on. Designed and constructed for the harsh marine environment, utilizing tinned copper conductors, stainless steel nuts, and high temperature, fibre reinforced plastics to ensure longevity. The units are ignition protected, provide On/Off switching operation, and may be recessed or surface mounted. Note: For automated charging of the second battery bank this same 10 minute emergency parallel functionality is also available on the 701-MDVS Voltage Sensitive Switches.

Manual override option
10 minute remotely activated emergency parallel function (no voltage sensitive function)
12/24 volt operation (both battery banks must be same voltage)


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BEP Remotely Activated Emergency Parallel Switch 12/24V 275A,

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