Alpex Solar package

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Solar package from Alpex. Choose your options and see the price of the overall package.


Alpex solar panels Certified for salt mist from 30W. Low-voltage cells, perfect for 12, 24 and 48 volts. For the long-lasting solution

1 x Morningstar SunSaver

Morningstar SunSaver Charge controllers for solar panels. Connection between the solar panel and the batteries. Ensures your batteries well being.

1 x Morningstar Remote Meter

Morningstar Remote Meter This Remote meter allows you to monitor your battery status from a different location than right next to the batteries (on the charger controller).

1 x Morningstar Tristar MPPT charge controller

Morningstar Tristar MPPT 30-45-60 Amp. Powerful charge controller for solar panels. Connection between the solar cells and batteries. Ensures your batteries wellbeing.


1 X 4 mm cable. Single. Red

Cable 1 x 4 mm (square). Single. Red Price per meter!

1 X 4 mm cable. Single. Black

Cable 1 x 4 mm (square). Single. Black

Solar cable 1 x 6 mm (square). Single. Black 250 meters

Solar cable 1 x 6 mm (square). Single. Black 250 meters

1 X 16 mm cable. Single. Black.

Kabel 1 x 16 mm (kvadrat). Single. SortPris per løbende meter! Bestil det antal meter du skal bruge.

1 X 16 mm cable. Single. Red.

1 X 16 mm cable. Single. Red. Order by the meter


Battery clamps. 2 pieces Red/Blue

Battery clamps. For battery connection. Set of two pieces.

The solar package from Alpex

With this package you can put together a solar package with solar from Alpex and get them designed with the correct charge controller and the correct cable dimensions.
We can help you with the dimensioning or you can read our guide for the design of solar installations.

The solar cells from Alpex is hardy and marine approved so they can do a little of everything. They have a long production time and reputation for high quality and good pricing.
The solar panels is initially 12 V, but they may be connected in series to increase the voltage, and connected in parallel to increase the effect.

Charging Regulator

Depending on how many solar panels you mount in series / parallel, you need a charge controller that fits Watt / ampere.
In this package, you must choose between Sunsavers PWM (SunSaver MPPT is .. MPPT) and 3 Morningstar Tristar MPPT controllers.
Once you get over 100-150 watts and especially if your space for solar is limited, so you should choose MPPT controllers.
Refer to the “specs and info”

For Cable dimensions we refer to our offgrid installation sizing guide again.
We have put little different cables on here, but it’s your number of solar watt, that determines whether it is the right sizes.

We are very happy to provide help and guidance on Kontaktformularen

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