Canvas mounted solar package from sunware

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SunWare TX series of canvas mounted solar for boat, camping, cabin or anywhere.


SunWare serie TX. Textile-mounted solar panels

SunWare TX Textiles solar panelsWhen you want to store your solar panels until they are needed or mount them on a hood / bimini

Morningstar SunSaver

Morningstar SunSaver Charge controllers for solar panels. Connection between the solar panel and the batteries. Ensures your batteries well being.

1 x Morningstar Remote Meter

Morningstar Remote Meter This Remote meter allows you to monitor your battery status from a different location than right next to the batteries (on the charger controller).

1 x Morningstar Tristar MPPT charge controller

Morningstar Tristar MPPT 30-45-60 Amp. Powerful charge controller for solar panels. Connection between the solar cells and batteries. Ensures your batteries wellbeing.


2 X 4 mm cable. Rubber Cable

Cable 2 x 4 mm (square). Rubber Cable Price per meter!

Battery clamps. 2 pieces Red/Blue

Battery clamps. For battery connection. Set of two pieces.

SunWare Solar, TX series.

SunWare’s TX series solar are mounted on a canvas background and therefore let themselves fold up and put away or mounted on eg. Bimini or tent canvas. Includes Tenax system for fastening on a fabric background, but you can also choose to put them up the caravan or lay them on the deck of the boat.
There are 10 meters of cable and plug in the package too.

Charging Regulator.

You must choose a charge controller to your TX solar that match the size of solar cells you want. Up to 200 Watt at 12 Volt (400 Watt at 24 Volt), we recommend Sunsaver MPPT charge controller.
In general, we recommend MPPT laderegulatore instead of PWM, as they reap substantially more power from the solar panels and for longer periods of the day.

You should always read our guide to sizing a offgrid plant and if you ain’t into the technical, then simply contact us for guidance.

You must determine how many solar panels / watt you need, based on your needs. The regulator must then be selected by the current / watt you bring from your solar selection. Read more in the “Specs and Info”
You can choose cables and other related stuff and get it in the same package.

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