Semi-flexible solar package with SunWare series 20

Price 282 VAT included

Semi-flexible SunWare solar panels from series 20, packed with charge controller and cables


SunWare solceller, 20 serien

SunWare 20 series of Boat, Motor and truck The right solution for solar mounting on deck / roof The panels can flex up to 3 cm per meter

Morningstar SunSaver

Morningstar SunSaver Charge controllers for solar panels. Connection between the solar panel and the batteries. Ensures your batteries well being.

1 x Morningstar Remote Meter

Morningstar Remote Meter This Remote meter allows you to monitor your battery status from a different location than right next to the batteries (on the charger controller).

1 x Morningstar Tristar MPPT charge controller

Morningstar Tristar MPPT 30-45-60 Amp. Powerful charge controller for solar panels. Connection between the solar cells and batteries. Ensures your batteries wellbeing.


2 X 4 mm cable. Rubber Cable

Cable 2 x 4 mm (square). Rubber Cable Price per meter!

Battery clamps. 2 pieces Red/Blue

Battery clamps. For battery connection. Set of two pieces.

Semi-flexible SunWare Solar package for boat, caravan and Trucks

Flexible solar cells for boat, caravan or anything else in a harsh environment. These solar panels can be mounted on curved surfaces, you can walk on them and they are never in the way when they lie on a flat surface and only protrudes 4mm.

Here we have put together a package of SunWare’s German quality solar panels and put it together with some really good charge controllers. MPPT will give you more output from your solar cells than the cheaper PWM models.
We recommend that you read our guide to sizing offgrid plant through and / or contact us for guidance before you choose your set.

In this package, select your solar cells based on your estimated needs and have a charge controller in the package in the size that match the Amps. comming from the Solar panels. You can also select cables and accessories.
Installation is carried out either with screws or glue directly on a smooth surface.

Here it is SunWare’s Series 20 that’s included in the package, if selecting the SunWare Series 40, you will get cable outlet on the back of the solar panel. Which will give you a completely smooth surface, without cables that must be kept above the deck or roof. It looks good 🙂 and is never in the way of anything.