Activesol low cost flexible PV Panels

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Activesol are flexible PV Panels at a good price.

Activesol are an inexpensive alternative to SunWare PV panels. How SunWare is Mercedes in flexible solar cells, is Activesol the sensible Skoda Octavia. The quality is not the same as SunWare, but it is not a bad quality! Activesol coming in 2017 models in two versions Activesol Ultra and Activesol Light.

Activesol Ultra

Activesol Ultra series is the top product and it is most resistant to the surrounding environment.
Ultra series has thicker and better protection of the solar cells. This makes them the most suitable if you need to install the solar panels on the cabin of your boat or elsewhere, where there will be some traffic (Don’t use wooden shoes and stilettos. Use soft shoes!).
Ultra series is the best to put in places where you will step on the PV Panels. The Ultra Series also has skid proof surface, so you wont fall over when stepping on the PV Panels.
Ultra series is suitable for almost anything. It resists salt water, vibration, pressure, and is generally a very tough panel.
There is no doubt that the Ultra series is a sensible alternative to SunWare.

Activesol Light

Light series is available in the same sizes as the Ultra series, but they are not protected in the same way!
They also withstands saltwater and shake, but is not as well suited to walk on as the Ultra series. Partly because they do not have the same protective layer on top of the solar cells, but also because the Light series is not a skid proof surface. But if you need to install the solar panels in a place where you wont walk on them (they may well handle it to a limited extent and in soft shoes), the Light series is a good choice for you.
An example would be on the roof of your caravan or motorhome.

Installation of flexible solar panels

Activesol solar panels fitted with either screws or glued to the underlying  surface. The surface does not have to be straight, it can bend/curve with a bend radius of 5 meters for both Ultra and Light series. In fact thats quite a lot.
You need a charge regulator to control charging of the batteries and you must have sized your batteries correctly. Activesol are developed and produced in the EU.

Activesol Flexible Solar panels
Activesol Ultra
Type Power Dimensions Weight I sc System volt
ASOLU-36P-W0R 36 Watt 341 x 775 x 0,03 mm 1,01 kg 2,23 A 12 V
ASOLU-75P-W0R 75 Watt 653 x 785 x 0,03 mm 1,96 kg 4,34 A 12 V
ASOLU-150P-W0R 150 Watt 673 x 1487 x 0,03 mm 4,00 kg 8,70 A 12 V
Activesol Light
Type Power Dimensions Weight I sc System volt
ASOLL-36P-W0R 36 Watt 356 x 823 x 0,02 mm 0,81 kg 2,22 A 12 V
ASOLL-75P-W0R 75 Watt 668 x 834 x 0,02 mm 1,35 kg 4,34 A 12 V
ASOLL-150P-W0R 150 Watt 708 x 1555 x 0,02 mm 2,45 kg 8,70 A 12 V

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36 Watt (Ultra), 75 Watt (Ultra), 150 Watt (Ultra), 36 Watt (Light), 75 Watt (Light), 150 Watt (Light)


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