Fronius Symo Hybrid PV inverters

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Fronius Symo Hybrid PV Inverters


Fronius Symo Hybrid PV inverters

These Fronius Symo Hybrid PV inverters can store your surplus energy from the day time, on to a battery. This way you can power your home with PV energy day and night. Say goodbye to the largest part of your electricity bill.


Fronius Symo Hybrid has all you can dream of in built in and expansion possibilities.
These inverters offer a data communication package with integrated data logging, WLAN, Ethernet, web server, energy management and a wide range of interfaces
The new algorithm, Dynamic Peak Manager, optimizes your output from the PV array.
Smart Grid Ready, means that the inverter is ready for the future Grid possibilities.
Multi Flow Technology manged energy to flow from the PV to the household, at the same time as the surplus is used to charge the battery. It also feed the household from the PV and tops up with battery power, when the PV dosen’t supply enough. It can even handle to charge the battery from another PV system or a wind generator.
Ready For Storage  means that the Fronius Symo Hybrid is ready for battery connection, but you don’t have to do it right away. With this inverter you can buy your PV system today and enhance it with battery storage next year.

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Fronius Inverter overview

Fronius Inverters
Output power (kW) 1.5 - 3.1 3.0 - 20.0 3.0 - 20.0 3.0-5.0 kW
Phases Single Three Three Three
AC output voltage (V) 230 V 400 V 400 V 400 V
DC startup voltage (V) 140 V/185 V 200 200 200
Max. DC voltage (V) 420 V/550 V 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
Max. DC power (@ cos φ = 1) 3.0-6.2 kWpeak 6.0-30.0 kWpeak 6.0-30.0 kWpeak 5.0-8.0 kWpeak
Max. efficiency 95.8 - 96.0 % 97.0 - 98.0 % 97.0 - 98.0 % 97.7 - 97.9%
No. of MPP Trackers 1 1-2 2 1
Weight 16-17 Kg. 16-44 Kg. 16-44 Kg. 19.9
Dimensions (h x w x d) 645 x 431 x 204 mm 645 x 431 x 204 mm to 725 x 510 x 225 mm 645 x 431 x 204 mm to 725 x 510 x 225 mm 645 x 431 x 204 mm
Battery solution With SMA Sunny Island With SMA Sunny Island With SMA Sunny Island YES. Battery to be purchased separately

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