Global Solar PowerFLEX™ BIPV

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Global Solar PowerFLEX™ BIPV

Global Solar has the largest install base in the world, of CIGS thin film modules and are therefore very experienced

The PowerFLEXTM CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide) flexible PV modules range from 90 to 300 Watts DC, and could make your PV installation quicker, easier and less costly for your commercial and industrial use.
No racking system is required when glueing these modules with a simple peel and stick process to  a variety of clean surfaces. This installation process provides high a wind resistance and no penetrations for surfaces with at least a two degree slope, curved surfaces and surfaces that can only handle a light weight load.

The installed product provides a low-profile, good looking appearance that blends into the design/architecture, and will provide 25 years of reliable power.

The PowerFLEXTM is great for both On and Off grid use.

Here you can see data about the modules and please reefer to the data sheet for further information

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Global Solar

Founded in 1996, Global Solar© Energy Inc. (GSE) delivers lightweight and portable photovoltaic (PV) modules for integration in commercial, residential, off-grid and mobile applications. Currently, the company operates a Tucson, Arizona facility with a production capacity of 50 megawatts per year.[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="Technology"]


Global Solar manufactures Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) by using the latest, controlled co-evaporation and the thinnest stainless steel substrate possible to manufactor flexible and light weight thin film PV modules for use in any application.[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="CIGS Technology"]

CIGS Technology

CIGS PV panels are different from traditional crystalline PV.  They have a higher yield per year due to higher light sensitivity, are more environmental friendly, less temperature sensitive, are a lot more shadow tolerant, are more lightweight and are very hard to break. CIGS really is the future of solar technology and it's here today.[/lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel]
Global Solar PowerFLEX
100 W 200 W 300 W
Capacity rating Pmax 100 W 200 W 300 W
Tolerance of Pmax % +10 / -7%
Module aperture area effciency % 12.7% 12.6%
Rated voltage Vmpp 17.8 V 36.2 V 54.3 V
Rated current Impp 5.6 A 5.5 A
Open circuit voltage Voc 23.3 V 46.4 V 69.7 V
Short circuit current Isc 6.4 A
Dimensions 2017 x 494 x <3 mm 3881 x 494 x <3 mm 5745 x 494 x <3 mm
Weight - without adhesive 2.6 kg (2.6 kg/m2) ± 5% 4.9 kg (2.6 kg/m2) ± 5% 7.2 kg (2.5 kg/m2) ± 5%
Weight - with adhesive 3.3 kg (3.3 kg/m2) ± 5% 6.3 kg (3.3 kg/m2) ± 5% 9.3 kg (3.3 kg/m2) ± 5%
Junction Box - Top Mounted TE Connectivity SOLARLOKTM Micro Junction Box with 4 mm2 dual rated cables and SOLARLOKTM connectors
Top Surface Material Non-stick E TF E
Solar Cells 36 CIGS cells (210 mm x 100 mm) 72 CIGS cells (210 mm x 100 mm) 108 CIGS cells (210 mm x 100 mm)
Adhesive ADCO HelioBondTM PVA 600BT butyl mastic
Hot Spot Protection Bypass diodes at each cell; 1 at junction box
Materials Lead free and exempt from RoHS requirements
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10 Amp
Temperature Range -40°C to + 85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC IEC, 600VDC UL
Certications EN 61646, EN 61730, UL 1703
Warranty* Materials and workmanship - 5 years. Power output - 25 years (90% @ 10 yrs; 80% @ 25 yrs) Limited Warranty

*Contact GSE for complete warranty terms

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