MasterVolt Batteries – Lithium Ion MLS

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MasterVolt Batteries – Lithium Ion MLS

The MLS series has been designed with technology from the huge success MLI Ultra. Although designed for different types of applications, the MLS has many of the same characteristics as MLI, making them great for applications where very long lifespan, light weight and compactness are essential.

Compact batteries, high energy storage capacity, long lifespan = ideal replacement for lead acid batteries.

Lithium Ion has really many advantages over lead-acid:

  • The MLS series can fast recharge in an hour
  • And deep cycle (up to 80 % discharge)
  • 2.000 times without damage. It is three times longer than traditional lead-acid
  • For MLS the safest Lithium Ion chemistry available (LiFePO4) is used.

The MasterVolt MLS has build in battery management system that includes a safety disconnect that protects the battery from too deep discharging, overcharging and overheating.
The MasterVolt MLS makes an ideal energy storage solution, and it create an optimal entry point shifting to Lithium Ion from Lead/Acid.

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  • With MasterBus you will have the complete overview over your power system.
  • Via MasterBus in your Yacht, RV, Truck or any Off Grid installation, you can control and Monitior your entire system.
  • And with Amperian, everything can be done over the internet.
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Everything's covered

MasterVolt will provide you with all you the Power you need for any size project from 300 to 40.000 watts. [/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="Tailor made"]

Tailor made solutions

Energig will tailor your setup for your project, so it fit's your needs spot on.
  • Let's have a chat, whether you needs are big or small, for Yachts, RV, Cabins, Trucks or any other Off Grid solution.
  • Energig delivers for everything small to big industrial projects.

The MLS series is developed to be very easy to install and needs no additional components. All the MLS models comes in a tough waterproof plastic case. This makes it an easy replacement for most existing lead-acid batteries.


  • Easy replacement for most traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Saves up to 70 % in space and weight, compared to traditional Battery technologies.
  • 3 times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries (2000 cycles).
  • Charged & ready for use within just an hour.
  • Reliable operation ensured by a built in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Passive balancing and automatic safety disconnect.
  • Safest Lithium Ion chemistry available (Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4).
  • Tested and certified according to UN38.3.


The new MLS batteries are great for many different tasks where capacity up to 90 Ah is needed. Its compact design and light weight plus the fact that it is installable in multiple orientations, makes it optimal for portable applications such as mobile communication euquipment. The MLS is also designed for (UPS) backup power. Power supply for small boats and vehicles up to security systems and professional/industrial applications.

MasterVolt quality

MasterVolt is world famous for its high quality and durability.
Whether it's how the chassis is made, the electronics are designed and mounted or the robust way all products can handle shaking, marine environments and temperature fluctuations. MasterVolt never let's you down!

MasterVolt's reputation and many years of experience makes it a well deserved place in the top of the power convert world that they occupy today.

As a preferred supplier to a range of the largest and most quality conscious companies worldwide, MasterVolt occupies a leading position that not many can challenge.


For more detailed specifications, see the Data Sheet and/or the manual under the “download” Tab above

MasterVolt Lithium Ion MLS Batteries
MLS 12/80 MLS 12/130 MLS 12/260 MLS 24/260 MLS 12/390
Nominal battery voltage 12 V 24 V 12 V
No-load voltage, fully charged 12,8 V 25.6 V 12,8 V
Nominal battery capacity 6 Ah 10 Ah 20 Ah 10 Ah 30 Ah
Nominal battery energy capacity 77 Wh 128 Wh 256 Wh 384 Wh
Cycle life 2000 at 80 % DoD
Max. charge current 6 A (1 C) 10 A (1 C) 20 A (1 C) 10 A (1 C) 30 A (1 C)
Max. continuous discharge current 6 A (1 C) 10 A (1 C) 20 A (1 C) 10 A (1 C) 30 A (1 C)
Max. short discharge current for 30 seconds 12 A (2 C) for 30 seconds 25 A (2,5 C) for 30 seconds 40 A (2 C) for 30 seconds 25 A (2 C) for 30 seconds 60 A (2 C)
Peak discharge current for 2 seconds 24 A (4 C) for 2 seconds 48 A (4,8 C) for 2 seconds 85 A (4 C) for 2 seconds 48 A (4 C) for 2 seconds 100 A (3,3 C)
Battery terminals M5
Mounting position upright or either long side
Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh 90 x 70 x 109 mm 151 x 65 x 102 mm 180 x 77 x 161 mm 182 x 126 x 140 mm
Weight 0,8 kg 1,5 kg 3.1 kg 4,9 kg
Battery chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate
Protection degree IP65 (electronics cabinet)
Parallel connection yes, max. 3 batteries
Series connection no
Starter battery not recommended
Protections over voltage, under voltage, over temperature
Safety disconnect yes, electronic

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