MasterVolt Batteries – MVG series

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MasterVolt Batteries – MVG series

GEL batteries

In GEL batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed in a gel. The GEL battery is entirely maintenance free and has no gas formation if used in normal way. That’s why there is not required any extra ventilation and GEL batteries can be installed anywhere. They are great as a service battery and for intensive cyclical use due to the ability to be charged very quickly.

  • Ideal service battery for medium and large 12 V and 24 V systems.
  • Extremely long lifespan and durability.
  • No gas formation under normal use.
  • Quick recharge with high charge current possible.
  • For intensive cycle on a daily basis with a high number of charge/discharge cycles.
  • Very low self-discharge. Keeps power in the battery for many days.
  • High return on investment.
  • Two-year warranty.
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  • With MasterBus you will have the complete overview over your power system.
  • Via MasterBus in your Yacht, RV, Truck or any Off Grid installation, you can control and Monitior your entire system.
  • And with Amperian, everything can be done over the internet.
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Everything's covered

MasterVolt will provide you with all you the Power you need for any size project from 300 to 40.000 watts. [/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="Tailor made"]

Tailor made solutions

Energig will tailor your setup for your project, so it fit's your needs spot on.
  • Let's have a chat, whether you needs are big or small, for Yachts, RV, Cabins, Trucks or any other Off Grid solution.
  • Energig delivers for everything small to big industrial projects.


For more detailed specifications, see the Data Sheet and/or the manual under the “download” Tab above

MasterVolt MVG GEL Batteries.
MVG 12/25 MVG 12/55 MVG 12/85 MVG 12/120 MVG 12/140 MVG 12/200
Nominal battery voltage 12 V
Nominal battery capacity C20 (battery capacity at a discharge time of 20 hours, till 10.5 V per battery) 25 Ah 55 Ah 85 Ah 120 Ah 140 Ah 200 Ah
Max. charge current 12.5 A 27.5 A 42.5 A 60 A 70 A 100 A
Battery terminals A-type
Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh 167 x 176 x 126 mm 261 x 136 x 230 mm 330 x 171 x 236 mm 513 x 189 x 223 mm 513 x 223 x 223 mm 518 x 274 x 238 mm
Weight 9.6 kg 18.1 kg 29.2 kg 40 kg 47 kg 67 kg
CCA to DIN 110 A 230 A 270 A 450 A 540 A 630 A
CCA to SAE 175 A 380 A 450 A 760 A 920 A 1100 A


Find more info about the MasterVolt product of your interest. Have a look at the specific product link:
Mastervolt MVG 12/25 Ah
Mastervolt MVG 12/55 Ah
Mastervolt MVG 12/85 Ah
Mastervolt MVG 12/120 Ah
Mastervolt MVG 12/140 Ah
Mastervolt MVG 12/200 Ah

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SKU: MasterVolt Batteries - MVG series Categories: , Tags: , , ,
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