Rutland 1200 Wind Charger

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High-performance, low noise wind. MPPT Charge Controller included. High output compared to the size.

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Rutland 1200 wind charger

New Marine wind charger in the Rutland series with new technology that makes this wind charger one of a kind.

  • Very elegant design that is aerodynamically updated.
  • Very quiet in both low and high wind.
  • Start of production at very low wind speed.
  • Reaches the maximum yield already at 15 m / s
  • 3 phase AC output from the wind generator and to the charge controller to achieve lower transmission losses.
  • Output from the regulator is 12 or 24 volts DC. (Select your variant)
  • Charging controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology (MPPT) included.
  • The charge controller can handle 2 battery banks (consumption and motor).
  • Connect up to 240 Watt / 12 Volt (480 Watt / 24 Volt) solar panels to the same MPPT charge controller (MPPT = more power from solar and wind).
  • Electronic speed reduction at high wind speeds (> 15 m/s). This is done by the wind charger is slowed down, when the wind speed exceeds 15 m/s. After 4 min will the wind charger start again and if the wind speed is still above 15 m/s, it’s slowed down again and so on.
  • Wing span diameter: 1220 mm.
  • Weight 7.8 kg.
  • Turning radius 622mm.
  •  As an option you can obtained a remote digital display for installation whereever you want to monitor the condition of the batteries from.Rutland 1200 is an innovation and is the new generation of Marine approved wind turbine for boats.
    Built with Marlec Engineering’s over 35 years of experience in Marine wind turbines and manufactured in the UK, this wind charger will serve you in many years to come.Remember to buy mounting kit for installation of the wind turbine on the boat, cabin or where you need to use the wind charger. Order both Tube(mast) and stray supports (each with its own part number)

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SKU: Rutland 1200-2 Categories: , Tags: , , , ,
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