Rutland 914i wind charger

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Rutland 914i
The advanced next generation of the huge success Rutland 913
Produces 30% more power than Rutland 913

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Rutland 914i wind turbine

  • The next generation of the world-renowned Rutland 913. Known for its smooth and quiet operation.
  • Maximum power point tracking technology to provide up to 30% more energy than the Rutland 913 did.
  • Rutland 914i produces 140W at 11 m / s (21 knots).
  • The obvious choice for boats over 8 meters and longer passages.
  • Unparalleled low wind performance.
  • Wing span diameter: 910mm.
  • Weight 11.6 kg.
  • HRSi or HRDi Charge controller needed.
  • Turning radius 557mm.

This is truly a proven and rock solid Wind charger.
Rutland 914i delivers well above its size, in the amount of ampere hours.
It’ challenges even larger turbine performance due to the built in MPPT technology.
MPPT technology are continually controlling turbine speed and generator performance to their optimum to provide more amps to the battery …… and a side effect of this optimized efficiency, is an almost noiseless wind charger!

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SKU: Rutland 914i Categories: , Tags: , , , , , ,
Weight13.7 kg

12 Volt, 24 Volt