SMA Sunny Island storage solution

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SMA Sunny Island Storage Solution.


SMA Sunny Island for On Grid and Off Grid storage.

The Sunny Island storage system is for you, who want’s to store your solar energy from day to night. The system is for both On and Off Grid solutions.

The Sunny Island system has no inverter build in and will work with just about any inverter. You can retrofit this solution to PV systems installed X years ago.

The SMA Sunny Island System is a part of the SMA Smart Home and in the Sunny Home Manager you will have intelligent management between thePV system, appliances and storage systems as well as it regulates all energy flows.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the system. It’s resistant to fine dessert sand, Rainforest humidity and salt mists in coastal areas.

The system have passed Energig’s quality demands and has our recommendations.

The Storage Battery.

SMA Sunny Island is very flexible and can be configured to work with almost any kind of lithium-ion and all lead-acid batteries. So if you already have a battery or want’s a specific type, it’s all possible with this system.

You can find Energig recommended batteries here on this site.

How to proceed?

To have the right solution, Contact Energig and have a solution custom made for your demands and wishes.
Under the download tab on this site, you will find datasheets, manuals and other details about the SMA Sunny Island system.

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