Solar iBoost+

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Solar iBoost+ Now with the possibility of management on all phases. Increase your internal consumption of solar power drastically.

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Solar iboost+ saves your money and you can have a bath in green energy.

New generation with measurement in all phases !!!

Solar iBoost+ is designed to increase your internal consumption of solar power, by using the cheap solar power to heat in your hot water tank (or other consuming installation). Instead of selling power at reduced cost to the power plant and possibly later buy it back again, at a higher price.
Solar iBoost+ meters when you exports electricity to the power grid and  instead transfers the power into your hot water tank. Just as simple as it is ingenious thought.

Solar iBoost+ works by measuring the electricity amount that is exported to the grid and then ensures to use your surplus power to heat your water instead.

  • It calculates how much excess power you produce and keeps a constantly a small export (100W) to the network.
  • The device that determines whether there is power export, will wirelessly transmits data to the base that sits at your hot water tank.
  • The Solar iBoost+ controls the power that is deposited in the water seamlessly. Up to 3 KW at a time.
  • On the Solar iBoost+ display you can see how much power you have saved and you can choose to turn on the power from the grid, if you wish for it.

Once Solar iBoost + is installed, it maintain itself. There is no maintenance, once the Solar iBoost is installed, in addition to change the battery in the transmitter each 1-1½ years.

This new generation of Solar iBoost+ can now measure 1.2 or 3 phases. You need to check with your power company how your meter settles Net Gauge or at each phase.
Remember to select the correct variant for your installation!

As an option, you can now also get iBoost Buddy, a remote unit that shows you everything that you would otherwise be out at the water heater/ Solar iBoost+ to view / control.