Solibro SL2 PV module

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Solibro SL2 PV module

The uniform black Solibro CIGS thin film module is now more powerful than ever. Thanks to ongoing integration and devolopment of the world record breaking CIGS technology from Solibro. Solibro modules are today among the most efficient PV modules of their kind, with efficiency of up to 16%.

Thanks to low temperature coefficients Solibro PV has a yield advantage of up to 10-15% compared to crystalline modules over many years.

Stabel yield while partial shaded.

With rooftop systems, shading by building parts, trees, leaves and soiling, often can’t be ruled out. The special cell design of the Solibro CIGS thin film modules minimises the probability of shading of whole cells and ensures you an optimum yield no matter the position of the sun.

Ground mounted systems also benefit from the thin film module design. Installation in portrait orientation minimises losses due to shading and allows reduced row spacing.

Frameless elegance

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Solibro GmbH is another one of the world‘s leading manufacturers/developers of CIGS thin-film modules, with a capacity of 145 MW/Year. Solibro has headquarters in Thalheim in Germany and a research facility in Uppsala, Sweden, both of which work to develop the best and most advanced solutions for the company‘s CIGS products.[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="CIGS Technology"]

CIGS Technology

CIGS PV panels are different from traditional crystalline PV.  They have a higher yield per year due to higher light sensitivity, are more environmental friendly, less temperature sensitive, are a lot more shadow tolerant, are more lightweight and are very hard to break. CIGS really is the future of solar technology and it's here today.[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item name="Solibro SL2"]

 Solibro SL2

Used for On and Off Grid solutions where you need either a framed or a frameless panel. The framed panel are more solid in it self, while the Frameless needs the right mounting system and will then be beautiful sight for your eyes. Both types are all black panels with all the CIGS benefits.[/lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel]

The uniform black appearance makes this frameless Solibro module a perfect fit for sophisticated visual applications. The active CIGS layer is protected from environmental influences on all sides by stable glass substrates, and the frameless design allows self-cleaning functionality by facilitating optimum drain-off of rainwater, even at small degree tilt angles.

Made In Germany

The Solibro SL2 modules are manufactured in a top mordern factory near Leipzig in Germany and are tested according to the recognised high standards, but longer and harder than required by the IEC 61646 Standard.
Furthermore, the quality of every single module is ensured by a full scale check including a 100% electroluminescence procedure. Solibro SL2 modules therefore offer you not just higher yields today, but also a durabel system for the next 25 years.

Framed modules Solibro SL2-F

For small private systems, Off Grid and applications with more exacting stability requirements, we recommend our framed modules. These modules are approved for snow loads of up to 3600 Pa and their robust frames make installation particularly easy.

Here you can find the data for the SL2 and the SL2-F modules

Solibro SL2 and SL2-F
SL2-125W SL2-135W SL2-145W SL2-F 125W
Minimum Power PMPP [W] 125.0 135.0 145.0 125.0
Short Circuit Current ISC [A] 1.73 1.77 1.81 1.73
Open Circuit Voltage VOC [V] 103.4 105.6 107.8 103.4
Current at PMPP IMPP [A] 1.50 1.58 1.66 1.50
Voltage at PMPP VMPP [V] 83.4 85.5 87.4 83.4
Module efficiency [%] ≥ 13.3 ≥ 14.4 ≥ 15.4 ≥ 13.1
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENTS AT 1000 W/m2 PMPP γ [%/K] − 0.32 Isc α [%/K] + 0.01 Uoc β [%/K] − 0.27
Nominal Module Operating Temperature [°C] 42
Permitted operating module temperature –40 °C to +85 °C
Maximum System Voltage VSYS [V] 1000 (IEC) / 600 (UL 1703)
Maximum Reverse Current IR [A] 4
Frame? Frameless Frame
Dimensions 1190 x 789.5 (+3/-1) x 7.3 mm (+ junction box, 15.5 mm) 1196.6 x 796.1 (+3/-1) x 30 mm
Weight 16.5 kg 18.0 kg
Positive design load (IEC 61215-2) [Pa] Up to 1600* Up to 3600*
Negative design load (IEC 61215-2) [Pa] Up to 1600*
Junction box Protection class IP 67, with 1 bypass diode;76 mm x 58 mm x 15.5 mm
Cable type Solar cable 2.5 mm²;
Connector Renhe 05-6


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