SunWare 40 Series Semi-flexible solar panels

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SunWare 40 series of Boat, Motor and truck
The right solution for mounting on deck / roof
The panels can flex up to 3 cm per meter
Solid Walk-on solar panels

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SunWare 40 Series Semi-flexible solar panels

SunWare solar cells is a brilliant solution for boats, trucks, caravans / motorhomes and generally for a harsh environments. The solar cells have a high power output in relation to the area of coverage. They are also optimized in relation to work better in shade and increasing/waning light.
The panels can flex up to 3% (3 cm/meter) and that is enough for a lot of curved surface of modern boats and campers.
Should you accidentally step on the solar panels, nothing will happens by that, they are build for it, provided that you have sneakers / deckshoos on. The surface is anti-slip so you do not slip on the panels. Neither in dry or wet conditions.
The solar panels are packed completely so that they can withstand wind, water and salt.
Includes a cell protector (diodebox) for the large panels ensure that no current flows from the battery back to the solar cells in the night.

The quality is top notch and are designed, developed and produced in Germany. This is an absolute top product in an industry that otherwise suffer many bad producers. SunWare has produced solar cells for the tough environments since 1979 and is very reputable.

Need a 24, 36 or 48 Volt system simply connect the solar panels in series to get the desired voltage. no power loss.

SunWare Series 40

On SunWare series 40 are the cable outlets on the backside of the panel.

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