Ancor 11″ Low Profile Cable Tie UV Black 20pcs

The Switch Control Interface (SCI) provides an interface between the CZone network and traditional mechanical switches that manufacturers and users are familiar with. The SCI simplifies your wiring, supports your existing choice of switches, protects against failures and allows for expanding installation options.

Bullet points:
• Attaches to switch panels via custom SCI cable
• Multiple SCI switches can control single OI channel
• Output for backlighting of switch labels (dimmable)
• Outputs systems on and function/ fault codes to systems on LED of switches (dimmable)
• Dimensions, WxHxD: 6-3/32″x3-29/32″x1-5/8″ 156x100x42 mm
• IPX5 water ingress protection
• 8 Inputs per module (16 individual controls)
• Programmable switch types
• Sequential button press functionality

Product Details for: Ancor 11″ Low Profile Cable Tie UV Black 20pcs

Energig Part Numbers: L28.199328
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 199328
UPC code: 91887988222
HS Customs code: 39269097
Country of origin: CN
Buy in bulks of: 10 pcs.
Expected delivery time: 1-3 Month
Approx. shipping weight: 0,5 Kg.
Length (package): 284 cm.
Width (package): 66 cm.
Height (package): 10 cm.

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Ancor 11″ Low Profile Cable Tie UV Black 20pcs,

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