Ancor Cable Tie Mount #10 Screw Natural 25 pcs


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Ancor Cable Tie Mount #10 Screw Natural 25 pcs

Cable tie screw mounts are designed to easily adhere to any drillable surface. 4 Way bases provide a low-profile mount where height may be limited; while 2 way bases provide a narrow cable mount for crowded surface areas. Adhesive bases can be attached to metal, plastic, glass, and other clean surfaces. Identify your application needs and apply mounting bases for an easy solution to secure cables.


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Energig Part Numbers:L28.199262
Manufacturer Part Numbers:199262
UPC code:093344050725
HS Customs code:39269097
Country of origin:CN
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Approx. shipping weight:0,053 kg.
Length (package):17,8 cm.
Width (package):7,6 cm.
Height (package):2,5 cm.

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Ancor Cable Tie Mount #10 Screw Natural 25 pcs,

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Ancor is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality.
In the approach to all their products, secure power supply, durability and security are at the forefront.

All cables and almost all other Ancor products are tinned, which means that the products last longer and are more reliable, even in very harsh environments.

Most Ancor products are today found in imperial measurements, but of course, this does not change the fact that Ancor is a good product choice for any installation.

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Weight0.053 kg
Dimensions17.8 × 7.6 × 2.5 cm