600-1000 Wh solar PV

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Complete solar systems for cottages


2 x

Alpex solar panels Certified for salt mist from 30W. Low-voltage cells, perfect for 12, 24 and 48 volts. For the long-lasting solution

1 x MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster

MasterVolt Solar ChargeMaster.

1 x 12V Battery Gel deep cycle

12V Battery, Gel Deep Cycle, For Use In offgrid Installations

20 x 1 X 10 mm cable. Single. Red.

1 X 10 mm cable. Single. Red. Order by the meter

1 x Battery clamps. 2 pieces Red/Blue

Battery clamps. For battery connection. Set of two pieces.


1 x DC to AC Inverters

DC to AC inverter. Converts your 12/24V DC to 230V AC. Then radio, TV, lights and other uses 230V AC running on your battery bank
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Complete solar systems for cottages

With this bundle you will get everything you need to have 12 volt and possible 230 Volt in your cottage.

This bundle can on average supply 600 to 1000 Wh per day from April to September (in Denmark/South Sweden).
This will provide:

  • Keeping a refrigerator running (newer A +)
  • Supply light in LED lights in the evening.
  • Charging mobile, tablet and your computer.
  • Energy efficient flat screen TV.
  • Provide other necessities in limited amount.

If you need more power than that, choose a larger system.
If you want to know exactly what you need, read our Off Grid guides, and count the wattage on all the devices you will connect to your system.
It’s often a good idea to choose a system that is one number greater in power, than you expect to consume, as something is often forgotten in the calculation or you buy additional devices later.
Another option is to choose one of our bundles that are designed for a large number of solar watts, than you need and then choose a lower number of solar watts in the package (but keep the charge controller). That way you can expand with more solar watts when the demand arises.

Package includes:

  •     2 X 125 Watt off grid solar panel from Alpex. A very solid solar panel.
    We only have high-quality solar modules designed for Off Grid use.
  •    Mastervolt Solar Charge controller. 40 Amp (can handle up to 480 Watt solar).
  •     200 Ah (2400 Wh) Haze Gel Battery. Design life: 12 years.
  •     Cables and battery clamps.
  •     Possibility of opting for a 12 Volt DC to 230 Volt AC inverter (so you get 230 Volt for your devices)
  •     Manuals and diagrams, to connect the system (it’s not difficult!). You can always call Energig for guidance.We have not included mounting kit, since it really depends on whether you want to install on a roof, a stand on the ground or another solution.
    We experience very often that customers will make their own mounting solution and it is really not complicated. But you are welcome to contact us so we can find the right solution for you.

    Once you have installed the system, you can start to consume power. There are really a lot of equipment in car accessories that fits 12 Volt.

    Enjoy 🙂


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