Green powerEDU – Master

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Green PowerEDU- Master.
Complete set for education in renewable energy

Green PowerEDU- Master

Green PowerEDU- Master is a educational set for schools, that has the desire to teach renewable energy. The package includes Wind charger, solar and all necessary electronics and cables (the mast needs to be bought separately) .
The Green PowerEDU- Master  is the big version (the small is the Green PowerEDU- Pro), that has the larger windchager and solar. This package does deliver quite an amount of power for appliances.

In the package you will find:

    • 1 pcs. Rutland FM910-4
    • 1 pcs. 90 Watt Ameresco solar panel. Mounting bracket included.
    • 1 pcs. Power monitor, with 2 displays
    • 1 pcs. Picolog datalogger
    • 2 pcs. app. 80 Ah batteries
    • 1 pcs.Weather sensor (temp, lux and windspeed)
    • 1 pcs.Weather sensor bracket, for mast mounting.
    • Cables
      • 1 X 50 meter 2,5 mm2. Dual core (for the connection between the powermonitor and the wind charger/solar).
      • 1 X 25 meter data cable (6 core).
      • 1 pcs. Connectinc cable between power monitor and datalogger .
      • 1 pcs. USB cable for connecting datalogger and PC.


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