Green PowerEDU – Pro

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Green PowerEDU – Pro. For education in renewable energy

Green Powered – Pro

Green Powered – Pro is a educational package, including wind, solar, power monitor, data logger and mounting solution (The mast is an option)).
This is the Pro package and is equipped with a small wind charger and a smaller solar panel than the larger Green PowerEDU – Master
In this package are:

1 x Rutland 504 e-Furl.
1 x 50 Watt Ameresco solar panel. incl. mounting solution
1 x Power Monitor, with two displays. for reading the production data.
1 x Picolog data logger. PC connected.
1 x 80 Ah battery.
1 x Weather sensors (temperature, light and wind speed)
1 x Weather sensor arm to be fitted to the mast.
1 X 50 m 2.5 mm2. with two cores (the link between the Power Monitor and wind / solar).
1 X 25 meter data cable (6 conductor). For weather sensor
1 connection cable between the power monitor and data logger.
1 USB cable for connection between data logger and PC.

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