Bellmarine DC-DC converter

Isolated switching regulator:
Encapsulated IP65 (LV) – IP20 (HV)
Vibration resistant
Short circuit protection
Connector Molex Mini-Fit Sr. 42816 over temperature protected (LV)
Compact design
On / Off Key switch input
Wide input range
Contact cooling (LV)

Product Details for: Bellmarine DC-DC converter

Energig Part Numbers: L57.100494, L57.101634, L57.101633, L57.101318, L57.101635, L57.101636, L57.NE2194AL , L57.NE2194AN , L57.NE2194AO
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 100494, 101634, 101633, 101318, 101635, 101636, NE2194AL , NE2194AN , NE2194AO
UPC code:
HS Customs code: 85044084
Country of origin:
Buy in bulks of: 1
Approx. shipping weight: .
Length (package): .
Width (package): .
Height (package): .

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