BEP Ultrasonic Tank Sender


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BEP Ultrasonic Tank Sender

TS1 is an advanced tank sender based on ultrasonic measurement technology.

Handles common outputs – 240-33ohm, 10-180ohm, Vetus 10-300ohm for analog resistive gauges (not suitable for resistive digital gauges or CAN systems) and 0-5 V tanks from BEP, Teleflex, Faria, VDO and many other popular instrument brands. (When connecting to non-adjustable gauges the TS1 must be pre-calibrated)
Low Profile Design and standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern, allowing it to be retrofitted to practically all other sender brands
Can be set for tank dimensions via computer using BEP Marine’s proprietary TS1 software, avoiding experimental tank filling on site
Connects directly to the BEP 600-TLM-N digital tank monitor when configured to a 0-5 V output
Is set for 0-2000 mm depth off the shelf (not suitable for tank depths less than 200 mm)
Operating voltage: 10-32 V
Current draw: 25 mA with 5 V gauge output
Measurement method: Acoustic sonic measurement
Tank depth: 0-2000 mm (6.5 ft)
Accuracy Distance: 0-2000 mm (6.5 ft) at 2 mm accuracy
Mounting: SAE 5 stud mounting pattern with gasket, seal and screws (top mount only)
Environmental temperature: 4-65 deg C
Chemical resistance: Petrol, diesel, water, toilet chemicals
Tank type style: Metal and plastic with non linear capacity
Works with petrol, diesel, fresh water, grey water and black water
USB Drivers: For applications other than the standard settings, re-programming is necessary. Programming is a simple process and can be carried out by purchasing a programming kit, part number TS1-PK and following the detailed instructions supplied. Please go to the “Tech Data” tab to download the applicable USB Drivers and Installation Instructions. If you are not confident in carrying out your own programming, your supplier offers this service at an additional charge. Please note, unless otherwise stated, the purchase price for the TS1 is for the standard configuration only, and does not include reprogramming.
BEP TS Programmer: BEP TS Programmer is a 32-bit Windows application used to pre-program the parameters of the TS1 ultrasonic tank sender via a computer COM port. These parameters are stored in the non-volatile memory in the tank sender and must be set correctly for TS1 to work with different tank shape, size and fluid type. These parameters are classified into two categories: 1. Sensor Parameters and 2. Linearisation Parameters


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BEP Ultrasonic Tank Sender ,

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