Mastervolt EasyCharge Battery chargers

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Mastervolt EasyCharge Battery chargers

Waterproof fixed-mount battery chargers

The fixed-mount, waterproof units are fully sealed in an epoxy-filled, non-corrosive enclosure, and built to IP68 waterproofing standards, easily meeting global regulations like CE, CSA, CEC, and ABYC. The output is completely isolated, and can be used in either series or parallel for higher voltage or current.
Highly efficient and simple to use, these chargers are designed for harsh environments, and are fully salt, shock and vibration tested. Currently, 6 A single bank and 10 A dual bank type models are available.
The battery chargers have the ability to charge wet, AGM and Gel batteries, with a universal input (120-230 V) for total worldwide freedom.


• Entry level model with Mastervolt 3-step+ charge characteristic.
• Suitable for charging Gel, AGM and flooded batteries.
• Full power up to 40 °C.
• Quick charging function to extend battery life.
• Includes cable & Euro plug (optionally also available with UK plug).
• Can charge one battery bank.
• Series and parallel configuration.
• Stain resistant and waterproof.
• International certification.


MasterVolt EasyCharge and Portable Battery chargers
EasyCharge Portable 1.1A EasyCharge Portable 4.3A EasyCharge 6A EasyCharge 10A
Nominal output voltage 6/12 Volt 12 Volt 12/24 Volt (in serie)
Total charge current 1.1 A 4.3 A 6 Amp 10 A at 12 V / 5 A at 24 V
Number of battery outlets 1 1 2
Battery capacity range 2.2 to 25 Ah 14 to 90 Ah to 120 Ah
Nominal input voltage 120/230 V (90-265 V), 50/60 Hz
Charge characteristic IUoUo, automatic 3-step+ for gel/AGM/wet
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -20 °C to 40 °C -20 °C to 50 °C
Protection degree IP65 IP68
Protections spark free, short circuit, reverse polarity, over voltage, current limited, over temperature
MasterBus compatible No
Weight 0.5 kg 0.9 kg 1.8 kg 2.8 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 152 x 63.5 x 35.5 mm 161 x 72 x 43.7 mm 76 x 152 x 51 mm 127 x 178 x 51 mm


Product details for Mastervolt EasyCharge Battery chargers
Energig Part Numbers: L03.43321002, L03.43321000, L03.43310602, L03.43310600
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 43321002, 43321000, 43310602, 43310600
UPC code: 81688202049816882020483, 816882020506, 816882020476
HS Customs code: 85044055
Country of origin: CN
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Expected delivery time: Typical 2-14 Days. Some variants are not on Stock (typically 4-10 weeks)
Express delivery possible: Yes. 1-2 days directly from remote storage (EU). Applies only to variants stocked in the EU!
Approx. shipping weight: Depends on variation
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Please find more details on Mastervolt’s Product pages. There will the latest information always be available.
EasyCharge 10A-2 – UK-plug
EasyCharge 10A-2
EasyCharge 6A-1 – UK-plug
EasyCharge 6A-1

You can find the complete Mastervolt product catalog online: Mastervolt Powerbook. In the Powerbook, you can find all Mastervolt bits and pieces and read about how your solution may be configured.

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Mastervolt is world famous for its high quality and durability.
Whether it's how the chassis is made, the electronics are designed and mounted or the robust way all products can handle shaking, marine environments and temperature fluctuations. Mastervolt never let's you down!

Mastervolt's reputation and many years of experience makes it a well deserved place in the top of the power convert world that they occupy today.

As a preferred supplier to a range of the largest and most quality conscious companies worldwide, Mastervolt occupies a leading position that not many can challenge.

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Typical 2-14 Days. Some variants are not on Stock (typically 4-10 weeks), Non-stocked item (typically 4-10 weeks), Typical 2-14 days

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Mastervolt EasyCharge Battery chargers, L03.43321002, L03.43321000, L03.43310602, L03.43310600

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43321002, 43321000, 43310602, 43310600

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1, 4, 6

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81688202049816882020483, 816882020506, 816882020476, 816882020490, 816882020483, 816882020506, 816882020476

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#EDynamic EC011960 Battery charger