BEP Circuit Breaker Large

IUL magnetic circuit breakers provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. BEP uses the IUL range of circuit breakers where current requirements are between 50A and 100A. Available in single and double pole with triple pole available on special orders.

Product Details for: BEP Circuit Breaker Large

Energig Part Numbers: BEP Circuit Breaker Large , L05.CBL-100A-SP-IGP, L05.CBL-100A-DP, L05.CBL-50A-SP, L05.CBL-60A-DP, L05.CBL-60A-SP, L05.CBL-75A-SP, L05.CBL-80A-DP, L05.CBL-80A-TP
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 0, CBL-100A-SP-IGP, CBL-100A-DP, CBL-50A-SP, CBL-60A-DP, CBL-60A-SP, CBL-75A-SP, CBL-80A-DP, CBL-80A-TP
UPC code: 0, 870216038124, 870216012476, 870216012407, 870216012452, 870216012414, 870216012421, 870216012469, 870216012506
HS Customs code: Depending on variant
Country of origin: CN
Buy in bulks of: Depending on Variant
Approx. shipping weight: Depending on variant.
Length (package): Depending on variant.
Width (package): Depending on variant.
Height (package): Depending on variant.

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BEP Circuit Breaker Large 100A Single Pole Ignition Protection, 100A SP IGN. PROTECTION
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 100A Double Pole, 100A DP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 50A Single Pole, 50A SP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 60A Double Pole, 60A DP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 60A Single Pole, 60A SP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 75A Single Pole, 75A SP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 80A Double Pole, 80A DP
BEP Circuit Breaker Large 80A Triple Pole, 80A TP

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