BEP 12V Buzzer & Warning Light Red

Ancor round signal cable features black, red, green, blue, brown, orange, purple and yellow Marine Grade primary conductors (correctly color-coded to ABYC standards) in a white common jacket that is made for easy removal while providing the best abrasion resistance available. These cables exceed UL 1426 standards and are made from the highest quality ultra flexible (Type 3/Class K) tinned copper stranding that provides maximum protection against corrosion and electrolysis while resisting fatigue due to vibration and flexing. The premium vinyl insulation is rated at 600 volts, 105 deg C dry and 75 deg C wet, stays flexible even in extreme cold (-40 deg F/C) and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, heat, abrasion and ultra-violet radiation.

Product Details for: BEP 12V Buzzer & Warning Light Red

Energig Part Numbers: L05.80-511-0009-00
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 80-511-0009-00
UPC code: 843687005988
HS Customs code: 85389099
Country of origin: NZ
Buy in bulks of: 1 pcs.
Expected delivery time: 1-14 days
Approx. shipping weight: 0,5 Kg.
Length (package): 25 cm.
Width (package): 25 cm.
Height (package): 54 cm.

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BEP 12V Buzzer & Warning Light Red,

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