Blue Sea Systems Fuse AGA 20A

Double pole, double throw switch turns two of four circuits on at the same time. Common applications include hallway style light switching and switching between batteries, shunts, or current transformers for multiple measurments in a single meter. Contura switches are rated to IP66, high-pressure wash resistant. Recommended for replacements in waterproof electrical panels with rocker switches to ensure waterproof integrity. The black and gray switches and covers are interchangeable with similar switches used as original equipment on many common boat types.

Nominal voltage 12V/24V DC
Rated for 20A at 12V DC, 15A at 24V DC
1/4″ blade terminals
Includes two Amber LEDs
Snap-in mounting to fit panel hole 1.45″ x .83″ into panels .093″ to .187″ thick.

Product Details for: Blue Sea Systems Fuse AGA 20A

Energig Part Numbers: L27.5275-BSS
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 5275-BSS
UPC code: 632085052751
HS Customs code: 85361050
Country of origin: TW
Buy in bulks of: 10 pcs.
Expected delivery time: 1-3 Month
Approx. shipping weight: 0,5 Kg.
Length (package): N/A cm.
Width (package): N/A cm.
Height (package): N/A cm.

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Blue Sea Systems Fuse AGA 20A,

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