Fischer Panda Marine DC Charging generators

DC Marine Battery Charging Generators (AGT)

Ideal for systems whereby the generator runs for short intervals to charge the battery bank and support peak power periods
In this Version, the charging voltage is controlled by an integrated AGT-controller regulating the engine revs. The engine revolutions can therefore be variable to produce the required performance. It must however be observed when installing this version, that the batteries are located near to the generator.

Product Details for: Fischer Panda Marine DC Charging generators

Energig Part Numbers: L25.0004934, L25.0000352, L25.0030748, L25.0015025, L25.0015031, L25.0030634, L25.0015041, L25.0025635, L25.0029852, L25.0005029
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 0004934, 0000352, 0030748, 0015025, 0015031, 0030634, 0015041, 0025635, 0029852, 0005029
UPC code:
HS Customs code: Depending on variant
Country of origin: DE
Buy in bulks of: 1
Approx. shipping weight: Depending on variant.
Length (package): Depending on variant.
Width (package): Depending on variant.
Height (package): Depending on variant.

Please find more details on Fischer Panda’s Product pages. There will the latest information always be available.
, AGT-DC 4000-12V
, AGT-DC 4000-24V
, AGT-DC 6000-48V
, AGT-DC 8000-24V
, AGT-DC 10000-48V
, AGT-DC 11000-48V
, AGT-DC 13000-48V
, AGT-DC 15000-48V
, AGT-DC 18000-48V
, AGT-DC 22000-48V

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