Fischer Panda Marine Standard (PMS)

Constant speed AC marine generators 50 Hz / 3000 rpm (PMS)
Water cooled marine generators with constant speed -with high performance windings: HP1 (1 phs 230V), HP 3 (three phase 3 x 400V) and DVS (combi windings 230 / 400 V)

Panda Marine Standard (PMS) diesel generators with dual circuit cooling (seawater cooling with heat exchanger) and “wet exhaust”. 50 Hz 3000 rpm in three versions: HP1 (single phase 230V) – HP 3 (three phase 3 x 400V) – DVS (combined windings – 230V and 400 V).

Product Details for: Fischer Panda Marine Standard (PMS)

Energig Part Numbers: L25.0028280, L25.0028282, L25.0028284, L25.0000170, L25.0014870, L25.0014869, L25.0014868, L25.0027629
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 0028280, 0028282, 0028284, 0000170, 0014870, 0014869, 0014868, 0027629
UPC code:
HS Customs code: Depending on variant
Country of origin: DE
Buy in bulks of: 1
Approx. shipping weight: Depending on variant.
Length (package): Depending on variant.
Width (package): Depending on variant.
Height (package): Depending on variant.

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You can find more about Fischer Panda Marine Standard (PMS) product online: Fischer Panda Online. In the link you can find all Fischer Panda Marine Standard (PMS) bits and pieces and read about how your solution may be configured.

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