Fischer Panda Perfect Power/PVK-UK

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Mobile Generators with Variable Speed Technology (PVK-UK). Panda iSeries.
The iSeries Generators takes advantage of modern diesel engines that run at lower speeds (RPM) and fullfill the emission standards.
With the iControl2 digital panel, featuring autostart and data-logging.

Feutures of Variable Speed Technology
The innovative Fischer Panda iSeries Generators use variable speed, which allows the speed of the diesel engine to be adjusted according to the electrical demand for load. The speed of the engine is adjusted according to the electrical load needs, which makes it most economical to run.
Most generators on the market works with a steady speed of 1500 / 3000 rpm 50 Hz. But higher engine speeds means higher exhaust emissions and some manufacturers have therefore started to reduce the engine speed to meet the current emission standards. This Panda iSeries works with the variable engine speed.
High Performance
The high starting power surge for inductive loads such as air-conditioning, compressors, etc. are often a reason to choose a lager generator than otherwise would be necessary.
The clean sinus wave with precis voltage and frequency regulation on the Panda iSeries ensures a stable and efficient power supply for sensitive electronic devices (but you still have to check the specs ??).
Compact Design
The low weight and compact size makes it possible to install the generator in very tight spaces.
New iControl2 Panel and Engine Controller
Designed by Fischer Panda especially for the iSeries generators. The control panel allows you to operate the generator from the driversseat or from where you want, and displays current status and technical info.
The new panel is very compact and can be installed on small dashboards as well.
The panel will also be logging data
Automatic start
Automatic start function allows the generator to be started by an external signal.
E.G.: A battery monitor module measures the battery status and provides a signal to start the Panda iseries. The generator then automatically starts if the battery status is under a preset value.

These generators are for installation under the chasis and has a builtin radiator for cooling the generator.

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Energig Part Number: Fischer Panda Perfect Power/PVK-UK

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Short Description: Fischer Panda Perfect Power/PVK-UK

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