Miasolé FLEX -02 series

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Miasolé FLEX -02 series

The MiaSolé FLEX-02 Series PV module is a CIGS based flexible thin-film solar module that supply high power density for many types of applications. These solar panels has the highest efficiency of flexible, thin-film product on the market, with more than 16% cell efficiency.

MiaSolé FLEX-02N(x) modules are ideal for use on just about any flat surface, and they bond to the surface with a peel-and-stick adhesive. This adhesive approach removes the need for racking and cut down labour and logistics cost to provide a 20% lower Balance of Solar cost than a traditional glass solar systems.
The MiaSolé FLEX-02 Series module is certified by IEC 61646 & IEC 61730 and UL 1703 and is available in three lengths.

MiaSoléFLEX-02N(x) modules provide customers the following significant benefits:

  • Shadow resistant compared to crystalline PV
  • Rock solid construction and “walk on” approved.
  • Very flexible and bendable panel
  • Higher yield/year from same Wpeak compared to crystalline PV
  • Low weight of the modules.
  • No surface penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage.
  • An aesthetically pleasing solar solution.
  • Superior wind resistance over traditional rack-and-panel systems.
  • There are 3 different length of the MiaSolé Flex -02 series and the length is equal to the wattage produced by the panel.

    Here you can see the possible length and there data.

    Miasole Flex -02 series
    FLEX–02 70NS FLEX–02 85NS FLEX–02 130N FLEX-02 305NL
    Nominal power (Pmpp) 70 85 130 305
    Aperture Effi ciency 14.2% 17.3% 17.0% 16.9%
    Power Output Tolerance +5/-0 W +10/-0
    Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 18.5 V 20.8 V 32.0 V 75.3 V
    Maximum Power Current (Impp) 3.79 A 4.09 A 4.06 A 4.05 A
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23.7 V 25.3 V 39.1 V 92.1 V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 4.49 A 4.58 A 4.57 A 4.57 A
    Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10
    Maximum System Voltage (IEC/UL) 1000/600
    NOCT 48 °C
    Temperature Coeffi cient of (Pmpp) -0.38 %/°C
    Temperature Coeffi cient of (Voc) -0.28 %/°C
    Temperature Coeffi cient of (Isc) 0.008 %/°C
    Length 1723 mm 2598 mm 5923 mm
    Width 370 mm
    Thickness, Maximum at J–Box*, Module 17 mm, 2.5 mm
    Weight (Module without adhesive) 1.4 kg 2.0 kg 4.3 kg
    Weight (Module with adhesive) 1.9 kg 2.7 kg 5.9 kg
    Weight/Area (Module without adhesive) 2.1 kg/m2 2.0 kg/m2
    Weight/Area (Module with adhesive) 2.9 kg/m2
    Junction Box Type IP68
    Cable Connections Amphenol H4 MC4 Compatible
    Cell Type Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS)
    Warranty** 5 year workmanship; 10/25 year power output
    Certifi cations UL 1703, IEC 61646, IEC 61730

    *2.5 mm (0.1 in) for the rest of the module with adhesive
    *1.5 mm (0.06 in) for the rest of module without adhesive
    **Please see full warranty for details
    *** Standard Test Conditions (STC): 1000 W/m2 , 25°C cell temperature, AM 1.5 spectrum


    Product details for Miasolé FLEX -02 series
    Energig Part Numbers:L12.FLEX–02-125N, L12.FLEX–02-130N, L12.FLEX-02-305NL, L12.FLEX–02-75NS, L12.FLEX–02-80NS, L12.FLEX–02-85NS
    Manufacturer Part Numbers:FLEX–02-125N, FLEX–02-130N, FLEX-02-305NL, FLEX–02-75NS, FLEX–02-80NS, FLEX–02-85NS
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    The best solar panel when you need solar on your boat, caravan, truck or other moving things. The reason is that MiaSolé is a CIGS solar panel. You can see more about the difference between CIGS and crystalline solar in our guide.

    The solar panels are very flexible due to the superior technology and it is also the reason that makes the solar is not shaken to pieces at the sea or on the road.

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    Typical 2-14 days

    Energig Part Number (SKU)

    Miasole flex, L12.FLEX–02-125N, L12.FLEX–02-130N, L12.FLEX-02-305NL, L12.FLEX–02-75NS, L12.FLEX–02-80NS, L12.FLEX–02-85NS

    Manufactor Part Number (MPN)

    Miasole flex, FLEX–02-125N, FLEX–02-130N, FLEX-02-305NL, FLEX–02-75NS, FLEX–02-80NS, FLEX–02-85NS

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