Rutland 1200 Wind Charger

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Rutland 1200 Wind Charger


Newest marine wind charger in Rutland Series with New Technology that makes this Wind charger something special.

Very elegant design that is aerodynamically updated.
Very quiet in both low and high winds.
Production starts at very low wind speed.
Maximum yield already at 15 m / s
3 phase AC output from the turbine to the charge controller to achieve less transmission losses.
The output from the charger controller is 12 or 24 volts DC. (Choose variant)
Charger with Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology (MPPT) included.
The charger can handle 2 battery tanks (e.g. consumption and motor battery).
Connect up to 240 watts / 12 volts (480 watts / 24 volts) solar panels to the same MPPT charger controller (MPPT = more power from sun and wind).
Electronic speed reduction at high wind speeds (> 15 m / s). This occurs when the turbine is braked when the wind speed exceeds 15 m / s. After 4 minutes breaks releases again and starts the wind charger again, if the wind speed is still above 15 m/s, it brakes again and this way it continues.
wing span diameter: 1220 mm.
Weight 7.8 kg.
Turn radius 622mm.
As a purchase, a remote digital display is available for mounting wherever you want to keep track of the battery/wind/solar status.

The Rutland 1200 is an innovation and is the new generation of Marine approved wind turbines for use on land and water.
Built with Marlec Engineering over 40 years of experience with mini and micro wind turbines and manufactured in the UK, you will find a wind turbine that will serve you for many years to come.

Remember to purchase mounting kits for mounting the wind turbine on the boat, the cabin or where you want to use the wind charger. Remember both the mast and the stay supports (each one part number!)


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Rutland Wind chargers has been made since 1978 and is probably the best wind charger on the market.
The many years of experience, the sheer number of wind chargers (more than 100.000) and the low failure rate, guarenteeRutland as a good choice, when you need a Windcharger.

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Weight14 kg
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Typical 2-14 days

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Rutland 1200, L06.CA-06/01, L06.CA-06/02

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Rutland 1200, CA-06/01, CA-06/02

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