Ancor Angled Single Crimp Ratcheting Crimper

This single crimp ratchet tool crimps 22-8 AWG heat shrink insulated terminals and connectors.

Angled head design is ideal for use in tight spaces
Must be fully closed before tool allows itself to open ensuring a proper crimp
Includes lever to release jaws mid-cycle in the event of an incorrectly placed terminal
Ratcheting operation with ergonomic handle to prevent hand fatigue
4 color-coded cavities for different wire sizes
Length: 9.5″ (24 cm)
Selecting the proper wire terminal for marine applications is important.

Product Details for: Ancor Angled Single Crimp Ratcheting Crimper

Energig Part Numbers: L28.703015
Manufacturer Part Numbers: 703015
UPC code: 091887991529
HS Customs code: 91887983357
Country of origin: TW
Buy in bulks of: 5 pcs.
Expected delivery time: 1-3 Month
Approx. shipping weight: 1 Kg.
Length (package): N/A cm.
Width (package): N/A cm.
Height (package): N/A cm.

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