Energig has supplied PV to many trucks. In early spring of 2017, Scania Stiholt in Thisted mounted solar from Energig on 6 Trucks for Haulier Frank Nørager . The Trucks are used to transport wind turbines and other heavy duty goods. The trucks waits from time to time for a long periode of time and are waiting to get unloaded. During that time, the solar are an advantage as they can minimize or completely eliminate the need to run the engine just to charge the battery.

There are 3 x 40 watts (120 watts) installed on the toolbox behind the cabin. Where the solar are well protected, one can use the most roboust solar panels. Otherwise, we normally use the more hard-wearing semi-flexible solar panels or the flexible CIGS panels.

The 3 solar panels are connected in series and uses a Morningstar SunSaver MPPT solar charger. The choice of MPPT is partly due to the fact that 3 panels in series can not be used with a traditional PWM charger, but especially because an MPPT gets up to 25% more power from the solar panels. In this case, there where no more space than for the 120 watts panels and it’s at the minimum of watts, but then the MPPT technology can drag the more power out of the solar panels.

There are 3 X 40 Watt Alpex Solar Panels used and a MorningStar SunSaver MPPT charging regulator.

It seems immediately simple to put solar on a truck, but it’s not at all. There are many pitfalls and this is where Stiholt and Energig have built up an experience of installing and connecting the solar correctly.

If you want to have solar on your truck or other moving equipment, Energig is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of solar, wind turbines and other solutions for green energy on rolling meterial.

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