Bundled Solutions

Here you will find our bundled solutions. Please note that a bundled solution must always be followed by a check on your needs and demands. If the bundled solution is selected from a guess estimate rather than based on consumption data, security of supply and expected production data, there is an imminent danger that you will select the wrong bundled solution.

All bundled solutions can be altered. It is not always a bundled solution that is the right thing for your project, but that you must have changed, removed or added something in the bundled solution. Contact us. Then we will help you with your project.

We recommend that you read our Power Guides if you are in doubt, whether you have 100% control over what you need for your project.
If our Power guides do not get you all the way, you are welcome to write to us or call us on telephone +45 70 500 999 we will gladly help you with your project.

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