Cables & Connections

Cables, wires, terminal tubes, plugs, shrink sleeve, strips, trough hulls, communication cables and anything else needed to connect electrical devices can be found here.

Common to all the produkts in these categories is that everything is at a high quality level. At Energig we don’t think that you can compromise on quality in an electrical installation, so you can safely choose any of our products.

Always remember to make calculations on the dimensioning of the product you need in your project. Iif you are unsure whether your choice is strong enough, then you are not unsure. Grab a bigger model.

We recommend that you read our Power Guides if you are in doubt, whether you have 100% control over what you need for your project.
If our Power guides do not get you all the way, you are welcome to write to us or call us on telephone +45 70 500 999 we will gladly help you with your project.


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