Monitoring & Interfacing

Your installation must be monitored in some way. In small installations it is sometimes enough with the displays that are on chargers and other power converting devices. But often you will need something more advanced and precise.

Here you will find displays that are specific to eg. a specific brand and those that are general and can be used on any brand. There are interfaces that can put your system on the Internet, connect to CAN bus, digital in/outputs, analogue inputs, even digital switching.

Here are also the sensors you need, shunts and AC coils for power measurement and much more.

We recommend that you read our Power Guides if you are in doubt, whether you have 100% control over what you need for your project.
If our Power guides do not get you all the way, you are welcome to write to us or call us on telephone +45 70 500 999 we will gladly help you with your project.


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