Power Production

An important thing in an Offgrid plant is power production. You can charge batteries from the grid and bring them to the place you need the power. But by far most times you need to be able to produce your power yourself.

There are many ways to produce power. Here we have gathered some of the most used methods, but we have several options which, depending on your installation, might be used by you.

The electricity can be produced both green and fossil stile and it is often a trade-off that ends up using green energy as the primary source and for example a generator for supply safety and battery maintenance.

We recommend that you read our Power Guides if you are in doubt, whether you have 100% control over what you need for your project.
If our Power guides do not get you all the way, you are welcome to write to us or call us on telephone +45 70 500 999 we will gladly help you with your project.


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