The Climate Cottage MBI was an idea that took shape in 2016 and has since been realized in a joint venture by Energig and MBI Innovation – merging entrepreneurship with green transition technology.

The climate cottage embraces all aspects of sustainability, as a broad concept that on one had hand addresses environmentally friendly materials and operations, while the solution, one the other hand, also provides quality and conveniency anticipated from urban travelers.

Reliable operation is ensured via smart monitoring systems, and a robust mobile design supports flexible use of the building. This also keeps maintenance to a minimum.

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Photo: Arctic Circle Business

Today, no one wants to compromise on comfort, nor is it necessary. It is pleasant to live in the climate cottage – identical to a detached house in a large capital; there is electricity, heating and a good indoor climate with straightforward use of kitchen and toilet / bath.

The cottage is constructively self-supporting; easy to transport (in building modules), easy to install and reliable. This modularity allows it to be placed anywhere, permanently, or temporarily. Electricity, water and sewer can be connected, but it is not a requirement, because the cottage can also handle it itself. For example, the sewerage in the cottage is based on an environmentally friendly system that composts black wastewater and purifies gray wastewater, with respect for the environment.

The first cottage was commissioned in August 2020 in Sisimiut, and since been been tested and adjusted. It has now run through its first dark cold winter with no loss of comfort. The design is intended for the harsh environment, and can be used as an emergency cottage, tourist cottage, private home, technical house, administration building, resort – only the imagination sets limits. “Klimahytten MBI” can even be rented via Airbnb, where tourists can and experience the northern lights, “caper lacquer or ”seqineq kaaviinnartoq “. In the Sisimiut area, there are also plenty of opportunities for both skiing and dog sledding.
Outside the cottage, solar panels, which ensure full utilization of the natural resources, has been installed. The solar panels contribute greatly to an environmentally friendly energy system, where accumulated surplus energy is stored in batteries and hot water. With the use of a diesel generator in this context, there has been a shortcoming in terms of sustainability. But Energig will now solve this problem by switching to methanol-based fuel cells from SerEnergy.

The climate cottage is an important step towards more climate-friendly buildings all over the world. The method solves not only the environmental, but also other problems that are widespread in many wooden houses, which suffer from, among other things; poor indoor climate, mold and outdated installations. The cottage could also be placed in the desert, where it would address cooling instead of heating, and the insulation is thus still necessary.

As a building fit for remote or small populated areas, it demonstrates excellence in terms of set-up, design and operation – with clean energy and without harmfull Co2 emissions.